Men's Cancer Fund Raiser Thursday, November 8, 7 PM

Bunkers, Minneapolis

  - GB Leighton - solo acoustic set - The Erik Koskinen Band - Trailer Trash Plus special yet-to-be-announced guests! Doors open at 6, music starts at 7 PM $10 cover, or reserved seats for $40
  rockslogo Save the date - reserve a table - thank our sponsors - see you on November 8th at Bunkers!


For 10 years, Rock The Cure events raised money to help fight breast cancer in Minnesota. We supported such charities as the Twin Cities Race For The Cure, Open Arms MN, and the Sage Program MN. Last year, we added the cause represented by the teal ribbon, hoping to bring awareness and donations to women fighting ovarian cancer. Through the amazing efforts of the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA), we hope to reach out to more women and their families this year, celebrating the strength and hope they share every day.   Because our wonderful sponsors cover our event costs, 100% of the money we raise at Rock The Cure events will be donated, and it will stay in Minnesota. We are all volunteers, each of us driven by a person story, or just simply a generous heart.   Thank you to our sponsors, my committee, and to the women we honor with our work.   Angie Hanzel-Palomo President, Blue Jeanne Inc   As always, we sincerely thank you for your continued support.

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About the Public Library of ScienceThe Public Library of Science (PLoS non-profit non-profit organization of scientists committed to committed to the world of scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. For more information.

Experts, which are Sponsored Creation Of Disease Turns people healthy in patients, wastes precious resources and causes iatrogenic harmsponsored the Corporate creation disease – disease mongering – turns healthy people into patients, wastes precious resources and causes iatrogenic harm, say the dedicated guest editors of a special issue of PLoS Medicine, as drug companies sell sickness. – In the opening essay, define the guest editors, Australian journalist Ray Moynihan and clinical pharmacologist David Henry , disease mongering as the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness and grows the markets for those who sell and deliver treatments. (more…)

The introduction of smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong in 2007 rx drugs.

The introduction of smoke-free legislation in Hong Kong in 2007, stimulated a 27 rx drugs .7 per cent increase in the number of calls to a youth quitline and a 27.5 per cent increase in the number of people consulting end. Moreover, the tax increase in 2009 increased the number of calls increased by 144 % and 111 % in counseling in the short term. – ‘These data show that the government is motivate to do political decisions the youth of Hong Kong to look for help to quit smoking,’said Dr. David Wong, Biostatistician, School of Nursing, The University of Hong Kong. ‘The government and health professionals should take advantage of this important finding to support smoking cessation in young smokers. And stroke study analyzed the number from calls of young smokers 12 weeks ago and announced after the announcement of the various tobacco control policies of the Hong Kong, get. Government .

Since the same genes in cancer cells also work in cancer cells – albeit with genetic mutation. This research also has potential implications for regenerative medicine, understanding how to understanding how to stimulate the growth of of new blood cells, Dr Papathanasiou. (more…)


Acetaminophen, APAP also , a drug that relieves pain and. It is combined in many prescription products with other ingredients. Usually opioids such as codeine , oxycodone and hydrocodone – FDA takes this action to prescription combination analgesics containing acetaminophen patients patients to use to make, said Sandra Kweder, deputy director of the Office of New Drugs in the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research . The higher-dose the prescription fee combination products with acetaminophen account for nearly half of all cases of acetaminophen – related liver failure in the U.S. Overdose, many of which result in liver transplant or death. .

Addition have also shown roughly 9,000kill the fungus by interrupting the DNA completely shutting down toxin production, removal of the mold and used special weapon invade target plant cells. It is a big step to be able to disarm this toxin naturally through a combination of DNA sequencing and chemistry, said Cane, the Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry and professor of biochemistry, one the three primary authors of the paper.

The culprit is an enzyme called a sesquiterpene cyclase, toxin, whichn. Took lab.’The metabolic pathways for the production of organic compounds typically gene cluster, such as a package, ‘Cane explained. ‘A major advantage of our study is that if you find one, you can or or to the right, and you find the others.’.

Of the approximately 9,000 genes in gray mold, the researchers identified a set of five genes that production production of botrydial. (more…)

The request for new eyewear came TechSolutions from warfighters in July 2009.

The request for new eyewear came TechSolutions from warfighters in July 2009, and the project is almost complete. The first delivery was for 30 pairs of new glasses been been for evaluation with warfighters, they went to use in training. They are structured feedback on the glasses offer, said ONR Command Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Ziervogel , who oversees the TechSolutions department.

This information was of with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and sign up for email delivery at Kaiser health news.

After this evaluation, Special Operations Command expected to take delivery of the FTPE glasses. Uying 100 units based on the initial assessment and see the results from the current Ziervogel said. (more…)

Legislators are working to rules rules effectively.

Legislators are working to rules rules effectively. For example, the Senate added an amendment to its Indian Health Care Improvement Act reauthorization bill a rule a rule designed to prevent states from the settlement of the federal government for a number of targeted case management services. The rule will take effect on Monday, but the House has not yet acted on the measure (Johnson, CQ HealthBeat.

However, said John Folkemer, deputy secretary of the Health Care Financing at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, ‘the reaction of many of us, ‘Well fine then, stopping to do this condition, it does not come with a solution and hits hits 55 jurisdictions because you have a problem with one or two ‘,’and added. ‘It is no problem to have a solution ‘.. The requirements are ‘part a year-long tug of war between the states and the federal government about this condition, it to pay for Medicaid, ‘CQ HealthBeat reports the Bush administration argued that State. (more…)

Health Canada has resources available to go smoke-free jobs.

Smoke-free Public Places offers hands-on, easy – to-use resources to local government and communities through the different phases of planning help execution and evaluation Implementation and evaluation Non smoking by – laws and policies for public spaces in their communities The guide aims to the employees and employers, second hand smoke the creation or strengthening tobacco control policies in their workplaces. Or call 1 800 O – Canada : – may these and other resources to second-hand smoke and help on how to quit smoking can be found..

There is a momentum building in countries throughout Canada to create and maintain smoke-free spaces. I believe that our future is a tobacco-free future, and I am delighted to other provinces and municipalities opt for their citizens by smoke protect look – free legislation. .. Indonesian government imposed Ban Against Female Genital Cuttingdoctors and nurses in Indonesia women from performing female genital mutilation has been blocked – a practice female circumcision female circumcision or mutilation of the female genitalia, where it partial or partial or total removal of the labia or both or both – in a notice by the Government, a Ministry of Health officials on Wednesday announced that the AP / International Herald Tribune reports (AP / International Herald Tribune,[h] After Sri Hermiyanti, head of the Department of Health Family Health Directorate damaging, urting, damaging, incising and cutting the clitoris is not prohibited permitted because [t] hese acts violate the reproductive rights of these girls and damage to organs. (more…)

Yes: This will help with continuity of care and communication between primary and secondary care?

Yes: This will help with continuity of care and communication between primary and secondary care? paper a risk, but paper records are also going astray. We need the 21 Century and quick connect. . However, Berkshire GP and consultant in family planning said Dr. We have to connect the 21st century and quickly. ‘.

No ‘. A central database of to pre-existing conditions, the national press,medications and allergies would be helpful in the management of patients from out of town in the emergency department. But the recent debacle in data management make it very difficult for the patient to convince them to give their consent to upload their medical history in a central system, with the data security guaranteed 100 guaranteed to be 100 %. ‘. (more…)

Continued study of these children over three years old and their parents is under way the the long-term effects of the COPE program. While the current study shows significant cost savings in the NICU stay to sustainable to sustainable long-term impact in additional savings to a burdened health system.

are the parents of premature infants also experience high loads and usually insufficiently prepared for the experience. When parents are stressed, is anxious or depressed the result of increased rates of dysfunctional and over – protective parenting. .

Only 6.4 % Programs Result in Profoundly Low Hospital readmission rateshospitalist programs designed and Cogent Cogent Healthcare have been of a scientific study it was found that exceptionally low readmission rates, especially for Medicare patients, announced officials today.. In the 480,000 premature babies born each year in the United States Based potential healthcare savings could total $ 2.4 billion if the program were implemented as standard practice in NICUs, according to the study authors. (more…)

Which eventually kills most cancer patients.

The study, published on 3 April in Developmental Cell will has implications for the understanding cell migration and perhaps controlling cancer cells that move to to spread beyond the original tumor, which eventually kills most cancer patients.

The results help these scientists and others in the field by pointing out genes to study further.. The 353 genes identified in this study include role in both known to play a role in both border cell migration in fruit flies and metastasis in animal cancer cells, some of which has long been suspected in a manner in cell migration, but have been studying harder.

, because their functions are shared by other genes, and some that would have well understood for their roles in other cellular functions but without the obvious candidate obvious candidate genes in cell migration have. (more…)

The study used two B cell lymphoma cell lines from the 2003 Blood paper.

The study used two B cell lymphoma cell lines from the 2003 Blood paper, myC5 – M5 – M12 and myC5 that spontaneously silence PAX5 and then form slow-growing tumors. Diana Cozma, the first author of the study reconstituted these cells with the engineered version of PAX5.

‘Apparently PAX5, which regulates gene expression, B – cells to enough instructs the components of B-cell receptors to the tumor growth even in the absence of foreign antigens, which the immune response the immune response, spur ‘Thomas Tikhonenko said.

The study examined 558 airline margins between 1983 and 2002. Baker ,, and the circumstances of pilot error, which they characterized as negligence on the part of the pilots and team, faulty decisions, mishandling of the aircraft or poor crew interaction.. (more…)

GumC be refunded the cost of the study by the ADCS.

This by the by the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study through a grant from the National Institute on Aging in conjunction with Ceregene the active agent the active agent used in this study. GumC be refunded the cost of the study by the ADCS. Of the study’s senior investigator at Georgetown, has no financial interests to put open.

The genepy study on Alzheimer’s disease underway at Georgetown Treatresearchers in memory disorders program at Georgetown University Medical Center is now recruiting volunteers for a national gene therapy trial – the first study of its kind for the treatment of patients with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Notes:1 , the postcode lottery stroke care is made ​​clear by the 2006 National Sentinel Audit for Stroke:get brain scan within 24 hoursStrategic Health Authority – 58 %age London percent 44 percent South Central South East Coast 43 percent 42 percent Yorkshire and Humber North West East Midlands 41 percent 40 percent 40 percent North East South West West Midlands 39 percent 39 percent 37 percent East of England.. (more…)

Through a corrective mechanism and.

Are living things two ways of dealing with the dangers posed of errors wrote Masel and Rajon One is necessary to prevent mistake in the first place, to recognize, for example, through a corrective mechanism and. To correct errors as they occur. Authors call this a global solution, because it is not specific to any particular error, but watches over the entire process.

Dental Students Go Back To School For Oral Health Month, UKis the School of Dentistry at the University of Manchester in the new academic year as it means to go further by the students in the community to supporting Oral Health Month . (more…)

After Mares Jemoun Oxfam.

After Mares Jemoun Oxfam, 01 percent of the Lebanese population is HIV positive. This disease can be spared any nation and religion, education religion, education[ or] age, Jemoun added: The growth this disease has a negative effect on the future of this countries and their peoples. He added that cooperating the governments and community groups, scale upe-up surveillance and reconnaissance, especially people need at age 25 and younger (Mansour, Daily Star.

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000 in spring 2005 to organizations whose innovative education.

This experimental model of BPD Reproduction morphometric features impaired alveolarisation may develop for research into the underlying mechanisms and useful strategies to maintain or restore alveolarisation.

Early maternal antibiotherapy sterilize the maternal – fetal infection, but does not keep the normal alveolarisation. The relationship between prenatal infection and impaired postnatal growth must be examined.

The researchers looked at data from 14,125 male doctors who the the Physicians’ Health Study who reported past or current treatment of hypertension. However, they had no history of heart attack, stroke, cancer or liver disease.

This study was performed in an experimental model of Escherichia coli prenatal infection in the rabbit. Pregnant rabbits 3-4 days 3-4 days prior to the the end of gestation and were treated by antibiotics six hours after inoculation. (more…)

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