2009 Report Card.

2009 marks the 5th-year of the launch of the National Statement Card on Lung Tumor, each November during Lung Cancer tumor Awareness Month issued. The Report Card is distributed to press outlets, health reporters, open public wellness leaders, and Congress and additional elected officials. This year’s 2009 Report Card notes small improvements in the grades from last year’s assessment. ‘It is necessary to note improvement – and I am happy to statement that we have observed small upticks in the grades this year, specifically in the region of Clinical Trials and Overall Federal Commitment to enhancing the federal response to lung cancer,’ stated Laurie Fenton Ambrose, LCA President & CEO.Politicians bow to corporate passions and allow these horrible substances to be legally found in every aspect of our lives. Actually most ‘healthful’ foods in the supermarket possess synthetic vitamins, engineered elements and un-organic additives hidden under conditions such as genetically, ‘natural flavors’ or ‘proprietary blend’. So, next time you hear that swelling is the ‘root cause of most disease’ – do not get distracted – and concentrate on removing the toxins in your daily life. 7 organic foods to greatly help cleanse your body and boost your energy Blueberries might help block toxins from crossing the blood-mind barrier into fatty tissues of the brain. Cruciferous vegetables neutralize a few of the damaging compounds found in cigarette smoke and include a substance that helps the liver make adequate levels of enzymes for detoxification.