30-May 5 April.

Criteria used to evaluate the Circle of Excellence Award candidates include relentless promotion of patient-driven excellence; communication skills; accurate collaboration; effective decision-producing; meaningful acknowledgement of others; capability to transform thinking, processes and structures; and capability to address problems and remove barriers to excellent patient care and achieve visible results through leadership. Recipients of 2011 Circle of Excellence Awards are: : California Jennifer M.Statistical Analysis In the primary analysis, we assessed the protection conferred by two completely ingested doses of vaccine against cholera confirmed by rapid diagnostic testing. Assuming 50 percent vaccine performance, we calculated that people would need to consist of 90 case patients and 360 controls for the analysis to possess 80 percent power at an alpha mistake of 5 percent. In the secondary analysis, we assessed the protection conferred by an incomplete span of vaccination . We also carried out a subanalysis in which case patients were regarded as those in whom the presence of V.