50 years too past due.

Another is to pay everyone damaged by their so-known as ‘totally harmless’ drug.’ At a ceremony in the western German town of Stolberg, where the company is based, Chief executive, Harald Stock stated: ‘In the name of Gruenenthal. I want to take this possibility to express our deep regret over the results of Contergan and our deep sympathy for the victims, their mothers and families.’ 50 years of ‘silent shock’??The victims are blamed for the firms silence! While a large number of surviving victims of thalidomide struggle on, the company excused its deafening silence by placating the victims with these terms: ‘We also require forgiveness for not calling you from human being to human for nearly 50 years.Conversions were higher in Brazil and in Argentina and Bolivia . However, the result on the primary clinical outcome had not been heterogeneous statistically, with rates of 24.1 percent in the benznidazole group and 25.6 percent in the placebo group in Colombia and El Salvador ; 33.2 percent and 37.6 percent, respectively, in Brazil ; and 21.4 percent and 18.5 percent, respectively, in Argentina and Bolivia . There was no significant difference in treatment response on the basis of individual markers of clinical severity, including NYHA class, cardiothoracic ratio greater than 0.5, global or segmental wall-motion abnormalities, low QRS voltage, remaining ventricular end diastolic diameter of more than 5.0 mm, or remaining ventricular ejection fraction of significantly less than 40 percent, or based on sex or age .