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The vaccine protected rodents of fatal fungal infections by triggering the production of anti-beta-glucan antibodies. These antibodies against the invading fungal cell wall plug and prevent the fungus to grow. The authors now want to test the vaccine in humans and hope the results are equally promising.Both studies can be online among those the entire April issue of from Stroke journal is published in an early age as part of the Women Hearts Awareness Month in February of be viewed.

A total in spite of some study to study varying, female acute stroke by 30 % less likely which the treatment of were in comparison to men, told arch Bhatt to the Department of Neurology and of ophthalmology at MSU College of Human Medicine. – ‘Over 60 per cent all stroke death have for women, and functional outcomes and life quality following a stroke are poorer in women than in men,’said Bhatt who presented that studies at San Diego conference. More research is needed needed to understanding of the barriers about of acute stroke therapy for women to this crucial of health inequalities can be removed. ‘.