A lithopedion was discovered by them.

The Colombian female was reportedly used in a different hospital to really have the fetus surgically removed.. 40-year-outdated calcified fetus found in Colombian woman An 82-year-old girl complaining of stomach pain was revealed to have a 40-year-older fetus inside her body. Multiple news companies reported that whenever the Colombian female when to a health care provider in Bogota, a lithopedion was discovered by them, or a calcified fetus, inside her stomach. Typically the fetuses are more than three months old and found in the abdomen. The fetus lacks circulation, which leads to extra calcium buildup.Clinical Assessment All patients underwent an initial clinical assessment that included a clinical background taking, a physical examination, 12-lead ECG, continuous ECG monitoring, pulse oximetry, standard blood measurements, and chest radiography. Cardiac troponin I or cardiac troponin T, CK-MB, and myoglobin were measured at display and 6 to 9 hours after presentation or as long as clinically indicated. The precise timing of scientific post-baseline measurements and the treating patients were remaining to the discretion of the going to physician.