A tumor biopsy.

‘,, a tumor biopsy, the chemical tests that have to perform to find the molecular signatures of different types of cancer, ‘Drezek said. ‘There is a tremendous need for new technologies that can detect biomarkers without tissue removal. ‘.

– Our data show that oxytocin selectively improves social cognition in people who are less socially competent, but little impact on socially competent people, continued Dr. While more research is needed, these results highlight the potential oxytocin is for the treatment of social deficits in people with disorders marked by deficits in social functioning like autism. .

DOD funds bench-to – bedside applications in photonics-based imaginghas called the Department of Defense , Rice University, the recipient of a $ 3,000 award for developing a five – year program to miniaturized molecular imaging technologies for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer. The program, which will be performed in collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center calls for the development of micro – endoscope and needle-compatible fiber optic systems that doctors for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic breast cancer imaging can use needs, ranging from early detection to guide operations to monitor the effectiveness of radiation therapy and targeted drug treatments.

Although all participants were healthy adults, the no autism, the researchers examined whether differences in social cognitive expertise affected response to oxytocin.At Add employment releases published, the team led by Dr. Matt Hurles showed that loss or copy by chunk of the human genome struck frequent into apparently normal man. Current losses or gains on DNA regions are called copy number variants and to be found across the genomic in every individual case.

Add Williams-Beuren syndrome, lost out of of a genomic region may be have very serious effects, including constriction of the arteries facial and have other skeletal defect and abnormal mental development. In contrast, duplications of the same regions who a milder effect , which most often of late in developmental language. With the results of study imply the team found to diagnose could to the examination from linguistic lag. CNVs may CNVs in this area.