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Her current research focuses on nursing treatment of premature infants with significant illnesses. For this study, Carter and her study group will monitor intra-abdominal pressure in very low birth weight preterm infants with the aim of determining early symptoms of feeding intolerance. The findings could help healthcare companies better alter feeding volumes, resulting in faster postnatal growth, thereby reducing the distance of medical center stay and medical center costs. Carter teaches pediatrics in the accelerated BSN system and procedures in the Duke University INFIRMARY Intensive Care Nursery, where she has 12 years of clinical experience.The correlation between adjustments in serum levels of CA19-9 and survival was evaluated by means of a Cox regression model. Results Sufferers and Treatment Groups A complete of 861 patients in THE UNITED STATES , eastern Europe , Australia , and western Europe underwent randomization through the period from Might 2009 through April 2012 at 151 community and academic centers in 11 countries. A complete of 431 sufferers were assigned to nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine randomly, and 430 to gemcitabine alone . A complete of 421 sufferers received nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine, and 402 received gemcitabine .