ABIVAX doses initial HIV positive patient in ABX464 Stage IIa clinical trial ABX464&39.

It follows the effective completion of a Stage I clinical research in human being volunteers in December 2014, which demonstrated that ABX464 was safe and well tolerated and had a favourable pharmacokinetic profile generally. Five doses and two dosing frequencies will be examined. Treatment duration is two weeks and may be expanded to three. The viral load will be monitored before, during and after treatment. The study's clinical endpoints are: security, viral load in the blood and CD4 and CD8 cell counts. The analysis aims to permit ABIVAX to narrow the dose and rate of recurrence of administration for the next clinical phase IIb study advancement planned for the second half of 2015.Agile’s patch is an elegant solution to meet the promise of contraceptive patch technology. This October Earlier, Agile announced the completion of patient enrollment ahead of schedule in its pivotal, Stage 3 NEW CHOICE Research of AG200-15. Dr. Marie Foegh, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Clinical Development and Study of Agile Therapeutics, stated, The reported Phase 2 outcomes demonstrate AG200-15 delivers a dosage of estrogen sufficiently low to avoid increased threat of adverse events, but nonetheless effective in preventing undesired episodes of breakthrough bleeding. We believe this innovation, delivering the right dose of estrogen in conjunction with levonorgestrel can address women’s desire to have greater safety, convenience and convenience of compliance in their selection of hormonal contraception.