More and more people are viewing this fruit for what it is, and in turn are making it a right component of their daily diets. Essentially the most apparent reason that acai is being used by increasing numbers of people may be the high articles of antioxidants found within it. This berry’s taste, however, is an enormous success also. Companies like Vitamin Water already feature it in certain drinks, and it’s really even being used in ice cream. These companies have incorporated it in their product line due to its great flavor, but also because acai berry puts out around 20 times as much antioxidants as other berries and fruits.Four of the five kids had diarrhea, and only two patients reported wheezing. The median Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II rating9 was 14 , and the median Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score10 was 6 ; both had been higher, indicating more severe abnormalities among the individuals who died than among those that lived Virus.). Except for two individuals transferred from other health centers, the reported hospitalization was the initial hospitalization related to the disease. Laboratory Results At the time of admission, all 16 tested individuals had elevated lactate dehydrogenase amounts; levels in 10 individuals exceeded 1000 IU per liter .