According to a pilot study conducted by researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

Simple introduction of technology to children with diabetesWhat you can do for a guessing game play in a wireless handheld device for diabetes management? A lot, according to a pilot study conducted by researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. The study was conducted in collaboration with a student at Harvard Medical School and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Game Group received a blood glucose meter, PDA with data management software and DiaBetNet software trol group received the meter and PDA with data management software, but not DiaBetNet.. Daily resultsThe study found that 78 % of the Game Group participants controlled their blood sugar four or more times a day, compared with only 68 % of the control group participants. Game Group participants also had fewer episodes of hyperglycemia , reported with 318 cases against 377 cases by Control Group participants. What’s more, polls showed given to all participants before and after the study , an increase of diabetes knowledge among all participants.Which rhinitis cause asthma? A A GA the LEN campaign When rhinitis cause asthma? is an information campaign of the Global of Allergy and Asthma the European Network, for 2 years at GA? The LEN Annual Conference of on the 20th April 2007, in London, UK launched in.

NB: rhinitis and asthma can be also non – allergic. Non industrial the upper and lower airways illnesses – GA the LEN joint research activities.

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