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Because the skin absorbs effective bursts of energy from the laser, there may be post-treatment redness for several months. Chemical peels work on the same basic principle with the aim of using a powerful chemical irritant to remove the very best layers of the skin. Collagen implants work by injecting collagen, a standard substance of your body. It is injected beneath the epidermis to ‘stretch’ and ‘fill out’ certain types of superficial and deep soft scars. Collagen treatment usually does not work aswell for ice-pick marks and keloids. Cosmetic benefit from collagen injection usually lasts 3 to six announced that it will meet up with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C. During the last week of April 2010 to examine the Company’s New Drug Program for ANX-530 and the FDA’s refusal-to-file letter. ADVENTRX had requested a face-to-face meeting with the FDA to comprehend its requirements and define the road to an effective filing of an ANX-530 NDA at the initial possible time. Culley, CEO of ADVENTRX. In December 2009 ADVENTRX submitted an NDA for ANX-530 to the FDA. In the letter, the FDA indicated that the data included in the December 2009 NDA submission from the intended industrial manufacturing site was insufficient to aid a commercially-practical expiration dating period..