Adding this component to rice cuts calorie consumption in half It appears counterintuitive.

Thankfully, you won’t have to consume your rice cold and gummy to keep up its lower calorie content. The scientists say reheating the rice at a later time doesn’t alter the rice’s chemical composition. Additionally, the experts say rice cooked this way won’t only help a person maintain a trim waist; it may also result in a healthier gut, since the bacteria in the rice offers a potent energy source to the ‘great bacteria’ in the human body. These results were shown at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical substance Society. Next the researchers plan to conduct research with humans to find out which types of rice work very best for this calorie-reduction process, and whether it could be done with other types of oils also. The Associated Press: ‘Medical insurance industry’s best lobbyist in Washington stood her floor.Third, not all episodes of atrial fibrillation can be accounted for, as the device has a limited memory, as soon as the storage capability is met, data on the oldest episodes are discarded in order to record brand-new episodes. In addition, the algorithm for detection of atrial fibrillation isn’t infallible, though the accuracy throughout atrial fibrillation is normally reported to be 98.5 percent.34 In conclusion, our study showed that atrial fibrillation was more often detected with an ICM than with conventional follow-up in individuals with a recent cryptogenic stroke.