Advaxis advances lead prostate cancer immunotherapeutic toward clinical trials Advaxis.

Advaxis advances lead prostate cancer immunotherapeutic toward clinical trials Advaxis, Inc., . Advaxis, the live, attenuated Listeria monocytogenes immunotherapy organization, is advancing the medical development of its lead prostate cancers immunotherapeutic toward scientific trials. We believe our approach compares with the recently approved Provenge treatment favorably. Advaxis’ vaccine is simple and less expensive, as it is comprised of three vaccinations, which strike all prostate cancer without the need to be patient specific. Chandan Guha at the Albert Einstein University of Medication and Montefiore Medical Center to develop ADXS31-142 in human trials.Interventions that remain within an experimental phase, some of which were developed over a decade ago, have finally taken on a particular importance. These include antiviral drugs based on nucleic acid molecules and therapeutic antibodies, and vaccines based on recombinant viruses. Under great pressure of current events, the vaccines and therapeutics that have shown great results in animal experiments are now being tested in initial clinical studies. The procedure of moving from the experimental phase to medical application will certainly be cost-intensive and time-consuming. The thought that lots of lives might have been saved, had this technique earlier been started, is depressing. Consequences The Ebola virus epidemic on this scale presents completely new challenges, both to the countries that are directly affected and the international community.