AMAG seeks FDA sNDA approval for Feraheme Injection AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

Both scholarly research achieved their primary efficacy endpoints, with meaningful improvements in hemoglobin from baseline to the 35-day endpoint of the research. Adverse events and serious adverse events associated with IV iron therapy, including hypersensitivity reactions, were reported in both scholarly research. These scientific trials also included patient-reported outcomes data as pre-specified secondary and exploratory endpoints. These outcomes endpoints, including quantitative steps of patients' methods and fatigue of quality of life, captured the harmful pre-treatment impact anemia has on these patients' lives – and the significant improvement in these ratings carrying out a one gram course of therapy with ferumoxytol..Capitalizing on a higher growth diagnostic market, the business offers differentiated solutions in molecular diagnostics for leukemia and lung cancer highly. Standardization sets AccuGenomics aside in gene expression testing. The business’s standardized nucleic acid quantification method streamlines complicated molecular diagnostic testing that meets FDA guidelines and facilitates fast deployment in a variety of laboratory settings. SNAQ allows a huge selection of robust qPCR measurements from limited individual samples. It is insensitive to the variations of instruments, laboratories and sample quality. SNAQ technology also enables bench top complex molecular assessment of degraded and limited samples. Thus AccuGenomics’ quantitative, reproducible and accurate numerical gene expression measurements are unparalleled.