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A new study by physician – scientists at NewYork – Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center turns conventional wisdom on its head, find either surgical removal of the prostate or radiation treatment more than doubles the life of these patients, when compared with those in the receipt of the conservative approach.. An average of lesspy , double the life expectancy of patients with aggressive prostate cancer, widely assumed Untreatable Be After she was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, many men are told that their disease is incurable and that less aggressive treatment is best. This often means that patients told to watch and wait – that’s nothing to do.

Expect patients with the most aggressive non-metastatic prostate cancer , when treated with prostatectomy or radiation , can live more than 14 years, the life will be treated conservatively, an average of less than 7 years. The study appears in the March Journal of Urology.Thorpe Jr, PhD, Konrad Jamrozik, DPhil; Susanna Calling, PhD; vs. Bjorn beach Heinemann, PhD, Martin J. Shipley, 2007 for the BMI-CHD Collaboration Investigators Arch Intern Med, 167:1720-1728. Click here. The ad is running in The Hill today and politics on Thursday and is as follows:.. Then adjusted the numbers of the blood pressure and cholesterol. Those that were overweight and and to normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels were more 17 percent tend to experiencing heart diseases, when overweight individuals with normal blood pressure and cholesterol readings was a 49 percent increased risk of.

In the studies, 18,000 people experienced a Herz Banquet, and / or die. After factoring in variables such as age, physical activity, sexual and smoking status, the researchers found that the people who are moderately overweight is a 32 percent higher risk heart disease compared with have have normal weight. For an obese person, it post, risk is 81 percent higher.