An overview of the status quo of parallel trade in medicines was conducted the economic.

An overview of the status quo of parallel trade in medicines was conducted the economic, political the economic, political and legal background , and to assess their impact on research, public health and health care financing.

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The impact of pharmaceutical parallel trade has global importance, not only because of their direct impact on the issues of the payer , but also to the legislature as well as research based pharmaceutical companies due to its natural cause, the international relations across different treatment of Intellectual Property Law.Six weeks ago, health official published data shows 154,000 problem drug users in treatment at 2003-04. Which figures show that the government is met its goal to extend the types of treatment of up 55. – However beats the National Treatment Agency that a more precise number of for 2003-04 one hundred and twenty-five thousand nine hundred 125,900 in touch with the treatment. Paul Hayes, to the NTA leader said: Everybody knew that methods for data collection used in the treatment industry capacity should be augmented We believe in making numbers and believe that they still the most accurate consideration even offering about the status of drugs treatment of..

The un-named consultants alleged that political pressure leading healthcare officials to mislead ministers to terms of the number of problem drug users, including heroin and cocaine addicts where treatment programs, according to The Guardian. An article published in Drug link to, releases the magazine of the drug information charity DrugScope, the consultants maintains he resigned because of I was pressured misleading information in misleading information moral morally I can can not accept that felt. .