And reduce the size of liver segments that need to be resected.

Because the success of liver surgery depends on the minimum volume of the liver, which may safe remain after surgery, should increase a precise knowledge of the topology of each liver significantly the number of for operations. For operations.. Better prospects for patientsThe products of Odysseus make a very important contribution for the accuracy of the diagnosis of tumors in the liver and its treatment. After studies are completed and validation is the use of which enable more accurate diagnosis of secondary liver tumors so they can be removed completely, and reduce the size of liver segments that need to be resected.

Astro-chemistrycover to chemical reactions under extreme conditionsA new research combining the tools of chemistry and astronomy the unique laboratory of interstellar to free the to free the study of basic chemistry from the restrictive bonds of Earth to use.

###the University of Virginia is a leading public research university with financial support from of the National Science Foundation and several other public and private funding organizations, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National. Science Foundation, under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities.

Odysseus research has led to a new major research project, Passport, within the EU Seventh Framework Programme. FP7 includes the Virtual Physiological Human initiative, developing tools for modeling and simulation of most human physiology and disease-related processes.Extra services include safety audits for food and water , management systems registries through NSF International Strategic registration, organic certification by the Quality Assurance International and educational through the NSF Centre for Public Health Education ‘s delivery address.. Accessed addition the picture book and an animated Webisode children, parents and teachers is:.

Poll Fact Sheet:.on NSF NSF NSF International, an independent, not-for – profit organization protects to through the certification products and in writing standards for food, Aerial and consumer goods (). Founded in in the year 1944, NSF be necessary to protect public health and safety obliged globally. NSF is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment.

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