As drinking raw milk is not recommended follow this web-site.

However, as drinking raw milk is not recommended, especially for small children, this may be encouraged parents say they boiled milk when they did not, which have a higher level of raw milk consumption. The results of all all children drinking milk from the farm have a lesser chance of developing asthma and hay fever, says Dr follow this web-site .

Contact: Annette Whibley Blackwell Publishing Ltd.drinking milk from the farm to protect children against asthma and hay fever, according to a study of nearly 15,000 children in May of Clinical and Experimental Allergy Issue published.

* Dolores Moorehead , Program Director, Women’s Cancer Resource Centre, Oakland, Calif. Ms. Morehead been a 10 year employee of the American Cancer Society San Francisco who now dedicates her time and energy for the advancement of women to cancer and to education the general public about cancer. Working by its passion for their work Ms. In Morehead is to promote numerous cancer patient implementing programs to remove barriers break down barriers the the treatment.

* Karen Allison, Nurse, Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center in, New York City, in New York City. Ms. Allison have working in pediatric oncology for four decades. As nurse in pediatric medicine at Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer, she offers as a mentor for generations of by nursing student, nurse practical. It is an trainer, Cheer, foster mother and boyfriend each patient she has helped.