As of over 230 contestants have uploaded their personal two-minute videos today.

Voting begins November 10, 2009 at noon PST and ends December 1, 2009 at noon PST. All you need to accomplish is visit and click on your favorite contestant’s video to vote. Only one vote per person per day is allowed. The winner’s aesthetic dentistry journey will all become captured on film. Putting off regular visits to the dental professional and necessary dental work can have adverse affects on a person’s appearance, self-esteem and overall health. We want to do everything we can to spread this essential message. A video of the winner’s dental care transformation will be accessible to view at As of over 230 contestants have uploaded their personal two-minute videos today, sharing their own tales about how their teeth affect the way they feel and interact with people.The study, in the December edition of the journal Addiction published, discovered that sportspeople sponsored by the alcohol industry were more likely to activate in binge consuming than those with no alcohol sponsor. This amount elevated when the sponsorship offer included free of charge or discounted booze considerably, and among those sportspeople who thought there is an obligation to allow them to drink the sponsor’s products or attend their establishments. ‘Alcohol usage is a leading cause of mortality, responsible for 9.2 percent of the disease burden in developed countries,’ said the study’s writer, Dr Kerry O’Brien, who is based in Manchester’s School of Psychological Sciences. ‘Weighty episodic drinking is specially harmful. It is common among sportspeople and is definitely associated with other dangerous behaviour, such as drink-driving, unsafe sex and antisocial behaviour.’ A growing body of analysis has detailed the drinking behaviour of sportspeople, including peer pressure and the increased possibilities for intake, but this is the first time a link between sport sponsorship and hazardous drinking by sportspeople offers been investigated.