Before pregnancy could save babies more women more women quit smoking before they became pregnant.

In 2002. Before pregnancy could save babies ‘ more women more women quit smoking before they became pregnant, it would save infant lives, concludes a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

Born Despite a decrease in the past decade the number of women who smoke during pregnancy, smoking is still a major cause of newborn deaths, early births and babies with low birth weight. – We know half of the women half of the women when they find out that they are pregnant, but many women still smoke during pregnancy, said Patricia Dietz, director of the study. It’s an addiction, said Ashton. If pregnancy could cure addiction then none of these issues would be a problem. ,, women a little more prone highly motivated a lot of it addiction, but a lot of it depends on the height of the readiness of individuals .Bariatric is a growing trend in the United States, hospital require developing medical imaging has been overweight patients obese patients without a diagnostic safety and comfortable for the patient have. Objective goal, Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, recently a bariatric center of expertise Toshiba America Medical Systems, ‘s TitanTM ThinkVantage MRI systems install. To Titan 71 cm cover and big open borehole enables ZMMK be able provide better support for bariatric patient population an MR system capable of imaging obese patients comfort and confidence.

Apart from general MR studies uses ZMMK Toshiba proprietary, non – MRA techniques on patients with renal failure MR exams MR examinations gadolinium-based contrast agents, the most frequent contrast agent for MRAs be used have directly developed nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy , a sometimes deadly skin for patients with in patients with renal associated. By the link between obesity and guy II diabetes, have non they contrast method particularly beneficial for ZMMK that it now non-contrast MRA to offers checks in diabetic patients and the other patients with renal impairment. More information on Toshiba contrasting – free opening and contrast – free clinical stock photos at this link.

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