Building on the foundation of its original Image & Video Library.

Building on the foundation of its original Image & Video Library, the ASCB that much smaller database into a comprehensive to transform international digital library. The library of images, videos and animations are reviewed and annotated by scholars and instantly accessible and searchable for a wide range of users. And other scientists,ematic protocol for collecting, reviewing, commenting, and the images, the ASCB is an efficient platform for the construction of the library at a fast rate.

Able to wins NIH ‘ Stimulus Grant ‘ To Virtual Library Of Cell Images for Researchers and buildings PublicA $ 2.5 million stimulus grant announced yesterday by the National Institutes of Health the American Society for Cell Biology yielding unprecedented, online image bank of the cell, the building easily accessible to researchers, educators, students and the public, according to ASCB Executive Director Joan Goldberg. – We are very grateful for this support from the NIH will receive advance for a project, science, health and education, said Goldberg.State and territorial health officials interests in submitting proposals to prevent and Public Health Fund Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program being find For more information at of the application deadline 22nd July 2014.

– and clinical preventive services and improving diagnosis carried to promote education and management skills for people with and at high risk for chronic diseases.. CDC expecting prize money on 3-year coordinating nationally chronic medical condition Programme on all 58 U.S. States and territories, approximately $ 40 about $ 40 million for the first 12-month budget period. As a critical need to be successful grantees or to update national plans approaches demonstrating coordinating to deal with the leading cause of chronic disease fatalities and which related risk factors, including but not limited on heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes, eating limits physical activity and being overweight.