Can change Standard Of Proof more negative findings against doctors Lead Medical Defence Union

Can change Standard Of Proof more negative findings against doctors Lead – Medical Defence Union, UKThe Medical Defence Union has expressed its strong opposition to the introduction of the civil standard of proof guide for all GMC fitness to practice Panel hearings who says it is. Inconsistent and unfair decisions in many cases a greater number of have a larger number of legal problems as a result .

We are disappointed that the GMC to lower the threshold of proof from the criminal to the civil standard for FTP panel hearings intention We have never supported a change to. The civilian standard and we are not convinced about the of the GMC has set out in its consultation paper, fair or consistent decisions will produce. If the GMC is preceded as planned, it may in many of our members who make a finding of impairment to practice fitness This in turn should and and costs to both sides, while legal challenges to be made, it can. Can trust in the regulatory process that can not be in the interests of physicians or patients Nor can it be in anyone’s interest doctors doctors need to practice to impairment of fitness are using an unfair trial .

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