Clean Hands Battle Flu advisory labels as a potent new weapon for combating swine flu.

Placing FluNotes in generally frequented locations can be a significant aid in the fight spreading the flu. This becomes especially important given the lately reported anticipation of a shortage of effective flu vaccines. Pricing & Availability: 25 labels $7.50, 100 labels $25.00, 500 Labels $100.00. Available at www Suggested uses and placement: at home, wherever food is stored, eaten or prepared; in bathrooms; on doorways; on children’s notebooks; in cubicles and offices, on copiers, espresso and vending machines, water and computers fountains, alongside waterless hand cleansers; in food support areas; in classrooms; in cafeterias; in supermarket food prep areas; in staterooms and heads on ships, and wherever people congregate. FluNotes are a item of Out With Allergies, LLC, the company that conceived and markets AllerNotes, the meals allergy warning notes and labels bought at.CornerStone is market leader that has all the substances for long-term achievement, stated Marc Leder, Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners. With this industry encounter and operational expertise, we will support management in executing initiatives designed to continue steadily to grow and improve the continuing business. .

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