Close and prolonged contact facilitates the spread of infection.

The most common symptoms are stiff neck, high fever, sensitivity to light, confusion, headaches and vomiting. – As a result of an outbreak of meningococcal disease during the Hajj, it has a tragic loss of more than 20 innocent lives under British Hajj pilgrims in the recent past Meningitis is a real and very serious threat to the Hajj pilgrimage, you can also. Meningitis meningitis germs bring back to their families, friends and community, the doctors said in their joint statement.. Close and prolonged contact facilitates the spread of infection.

For more tips and information about meningitis and other health issues is Hajj, of the Association of British Hujjaj UK , the only Hajj specific national nonprofit organization working for the welfare and wellbeing of British Hajj pilgrims.

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