Commenting on the outcome of the hearing.

‘.. Commenting on the outcome of the hearing, NMC spokeswoman Leila Harris, nurses,e independent jury decision reached after hearing evidence that the fees before they proved responsible As a registered nurse and manager of Rosehall Manor Nursing Home, he had a duty to ensure employees were aware of the problems and they were judged, evaluated, monitored and corrected. He failed in this duty and therefore a particularly vulnerable patient received a woefully inadequate standard of care and service. An independent jury of view to protect the public and the public’s confidence in the profession, it is necessary, removal from the register removal from the register was.

The independent jury heard evidence for the fact that to secure Mr. Mcneill patient a dignity in relation to personal hygiene, continence management and emotional well-being failed. He has no proper records of the care of Patient A and failed to provide appropriate medical care to patients in a timely manner A was trying to keep up to its deterioration.

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