Consulting reaction of the NHS East of England.

Consulting reaction of the NHS East of England, of England best together,’a ‘vision’document answering the Darzi Review, Pat Gould, the Royal College of Midwives ‘ team manager for Eastern Europe, London and south-east regions, said: ‘We welcome many of the recommendations in the report believe and do believe that this consultation document timely contribution to the timely contribution to the debate on the future of maternity services in the East of England, the College agrees with the premise that health care in the region has to change. And nowhere is this more important than in relation to maternity and newborn care. ‘.

However, in the region maternity face a number of challenges in the coming years, are also dealing with a rising birth rate, more complicated pregnancies and obstetric staff shortage. By 2009 the government has pledged to provide one-to-one care for all women, but most maternity wards in the East of England have not provide enough midwives one-to-one care and the report only suggests recruit another 160 midwives.

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