Elsevier and METI will combine the human patient METI integrated simulators with M s.

Elsevier and METI will combine the human patient METI integrated simulators with M s, a medical trainer simulator operating software, with current suite of Elsevier in nursing simulation, including Sim Chart, a new simulated EHR and charting system, and Simulation ? Learning System, an online toolkit, trainers and agents effectively helps standardize and incorporate medium to high fidelity simulation into their nursing curriculum.

‘Elsevier and METI new offering is a seamless solution that makes it much easier for us, simulations integrate into our nursing program and provide more comprehensive training for future nurses, ‘said Kim Leighton, Dean of Educational Technology, BryanLGH College of Health Sciences. ‘This new product will allow us more time for clinical preparation of our students for real situations they will face in the workplace, and less time preparing our simulation activities. Technology thatmbined solution available to nursing education programs and schools through Elsevier or METI may have already purchased a METI human patient simulator to integrate the Elsevier content for the complete solution Elsevier will also its its education content without METI , and, and METI simulators are available without Elsevier content..CONTACT: Ming H. Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong###the American Chemical Society – the world’s largest scientific community – is profit organization that chartered by the U.S. Congress and a world leader in the delivery of access to the chemical – related research through their several databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Its headquarters are in Washington, DC , and in Columbus, calledurce: Michael Woods American Chemical Society.