ENCOURAGE healthy eating habits Buy and serve more fruits and vegetables.

ENCOURAGE healthy eating habits – Buy and serve more fruits and vegetables . Let your child choose them at the store. – Direct buy soft drinks and high fat / high calorie snacks like chips, cookies and candy. Children kids do not see these foods at home, they are less likely to ask, and you will not say no. Choose healthy snacks.

– Use tools from kitchen utensils and dance to the music that you make. Shake a jar filled with macaroni and opened a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon.

Children need a total of 60 minutes of physical activity per day, but that does not have to be all at once. Watching TV.or even 5-minute bouts of activity during the day are just as good.. Comments CMS spokesperson Jeff Nelligan said, ‘Our efforts in this area and in other payment systems ensure rules are that CMS an active buyer not passive payer, of health care. ‘Nelligan added that the new rule. ‘underscores our commitment to quality, efficiency and integrity in the hospital,’Herb Kuhn, acting CMS deputy commissioner, said, ‘Medicare payments for inpatient services will be more accurate and relevant to the severity of the patient’s condition ‘/ (AP Houston Chronicle.

– Encourage your child to get up and move during commercials and discourage snacking when the TV is turned on.FUN things for you and your child BY TELEVISION DO – Take your acting out favorite books or stories or sing along to favorite songs.Illness Reduced diseases deaths caused in the very obese.

A new U.S. Study demonstrates that severely obese patients, of the stomach bypass graft surgery have a significantly lower risk of death from cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes. But not for disease – related death are probably higher in gastric bypass patients than those that is do not operation, the researchers concluded.

Steven C. Heart J 2007 357: 753-761. Disk 357:753-761, August 23, 2007, ID 8.. He said that it is a belief that August 23 2007 and exercise heal obesity, and that patient debt that you are obese. Makes this patients restrained studied surgery and making some clinicians hesitant recommending to. – This despite the fact research show that the genetics and environment and not only ‘will alone ‘play part in the development of the disorder, the newspapers said Alverdy.