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Every six seconds,ke Survivors ‘ Quality Of LifeStroke survivors, like the art have a much higher quality of life than those who do not, according to new research. Patients who appreciate music, painting and theater and recovering better from their stroke than patients who did not.

The investigation was at the 12th Annual Spring Meeting on Cardiovascular Nursing, presented in Copenhagen, Denmark.Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the Western world and the first cause of disability among adults. More and more older people are subjected to to strokes and recovery operations. ‘We know that every six seconds, is there a person affected by a stroke in the world,’says lead author Dr. Ercole Vellone, Assistant Professor in Nursing Science at the School of Nursing, University of Tor Vergata, Italy. ‘Identify strategies to stroke recovery and improving patients’ quality of life are a priority for the health system and art exposure seems to be promising.Healthy, but shown the red card, Englandtennis and cauliflower ear the red card had with a new medical Event announced today shown by the British State Secretary by John Reid.

Such a focus at sport and exercise medicine the aims to public health Whitepaper reflects to physical activity as a means for minimize the risk of serious chronic diseases, such as the promotion coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and Krebs. The new specialty is re commitment of the Government to secure the 2015 London Olympic bid.