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Examines Blood for epithelial cells, CTCapheresis to harvest to harvest blood stem cells from 21 patients with metastatic breast cancer before transplantation. Levels of levels of CTCs, blood samples were collected before apheresis and one month after transplantation. ‘We have the flow cytometry method of dyeing both epithelial and stem cell markers used ‘, Hui Gao, a researcher said in MD Anderson Department of Hematopathology and co-first author of the study. ‘Then we enumerated the %ages of epithelial cells and cancer stem cells to see how this correlated with survival. ‘.

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In an effort to further stimulate benefit of PE / CT imaging in the evaluation of the effectiveness of oncology treatment Siemens offers Healthcare Molecular Imaging a new quantify instrument PERCIST supported response criteria at solid tumor. PERCIST offering default recording value of – based metrics the response criteria the standard the standard Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors tests Invite complementary. PERCIST highlighted in that week at the American Society on Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology meeting of in San Diego.

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