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Followed by the 494,979 people found the investigators that the top fifth, the most the most red meat had a 79 percent higher risk of developing esophageal squamous cell carcinoma compared with the bottom fifth who ate the least meat. Developed 69 cases of esophageal cancer in the top fifth, compared to 28 cases in the bottom fifth.

The project involved interviews participants basic information such as height, weight, body mass index, neck circumference and drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol gather. Researchers monitored patient breathing patterns overnight in a sleep study.

This study does not prove that red meat esophagus and / or stomach cancers, the researchers stress triggers. For now, they say, adding that to gather their findings evidence of a link. For example, the compound was identified that they cardia cancer increases with the intake of DiMelQx place of the red meat itself.. Red Meat Consumption possibly esophageal and gastric cancer risk his U.S. Researchers say they have a possible link between red meat and esophageal cancers found , there also a link between DiMelQx intake and cancer stomach close to the stomach close to the esophageal opening .The Commission shall is currently putting in a large process of communication and cooperation with many stakeholders to an open forum for debate and discussion. As a part of that process Chairman the Commission Professor Tom given, has been encouraging nurses, midwives, health service manager, Patient and other health workers which is to be affected by reducing nursing rates hours engaging in the process. ‘It outcome of these consultations will be a significant effect on its final report Commission recommend have ‘Prof. Collins said. Or mail it to: the Commission on Nursing H Room Service 5.35 Hawkins House Dublin 2.

The Commission is on Nursing hours was established as a result produced a write recommendation of National implementation structure , an independent audit how a 35 – hours per week of nurses and midwives can be achieved. The Commission investigation started employment in March 2008 and plans to to submit his account at the end of December 2008.