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For Europee Europeans is regularly exposed, could sound levels at night, significantly impair healthLast Thursday, launches the WHO Regional Office for Europe, its night noise guidelines for Europe .

What does that mean for us? ‘It is hard to say too early, what this means for us, the study indicates that factors such as environmental toxins, in addition to diet and physical activity play a role in the obesity epidemic we see today, but it remains. Are confirmed by similar studies, ‘says line Sm? Stuen Haug at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Norwegian women have been been declining since about 2000. However, apply to all substances and so we should our our exposure to persistent pollutants, in order to ‘reduce the risk of adverse health effects, says Haug Sm Stuen?..In 1997, the Conference Board issued its final report on the corporate responsive to HIV / AIDS. A decade later, investigated HIV / AIDS in the workplace programs, the current state of of the enterprise around the globe. The report looks trends, best practices, benefits and challenges 2.3 %age management who confronts in their efforts to manage which HIV / AIDS needs of its employees. Several the major findings – :.

– Corporate initiatives vary from education and prevention measures about consultation and treatment, according to the size of enterprise priorities for, industrialized and City. Company at sub-Saharan Africa are most likely have on-site treatment.

Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe / Central Asia are high-risk regions of. Asia accounted for 14.5 % of the worldwide HIV cases in 2007 and an 23.1 % rise in the number which infection style between 2001 and 2007.