For medical experts.

For medical experts, is the problem of comorbidity, if a person is suffering from more than one state at the same time a growing concern, particularly as the commonality of co-morbidities due to increase, as people are living longer. Often individuals are treated by a particular symptom, but it is recognize identify all doctors increases for other symptoms such as the frequency of comorbidities.

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Prince of Raney Rivers – Faith Community, Carmen Strickland, Wake Forest School of Medicine, local attorney Mike Wells – the United Way / Chamber of Commerce and and Everette Witherspoon – Forsyth County Commissioners.. Diane Rowley, a professor of the practice of public health, for the panely. Health at UNC in Chapel Hill was the presenter. Rowley on health on health disparities in in preterm delivery.

Twana Wellman – Roebuck, CEO the experiment to self-reliance , served as Host for the panel, through education, the following persons had: Faith Lockwood – Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools; Lynne Mitchell – Forsyth County Public Health Department, Kimberly Nesbitt – Forsyth County Department of Social Services; Rev.