Forget muscle building or weight loss supplements

A . Forget muscle building or weight loss supplements, fueling your active lifestyle with real food from Canada Food Guide. Before training, fuel your body with a small meal that is mostly carbohydrate with some protein and little fat. A good example is a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread with a banana and a glass of water. Stay hydrated throughout the day, drink water before, during and after exercise. Water is not the only drink, but provides the hydration system – drinks like milk, soy drinks, 100 percent juice and even tea and coffee count. Many foods also some fluid especially juicy fruits like watermelon, oranges and grapes. Know what and when you eat and drink out of your workouts you get the most out of your workout. After a workout, food and fluids help relax your body. Try a handful of almonds, a glass of milk, a small bowl of of whole grain cereal with milk or whole wheat pita bread with hummus. – Canadians can a head start on fueling their bodies for their active lifestyles on Dietitians of Canada Nutrition month Website where a wealth of a wealth of healthy eating tips, practical food solutions and teaching materials , including you: EatTracker, Make Let a meal and Recipe Analyzer. These interactive and personalized tools enable the daily food and activity choices, test your nutrition knowledge, planning menus, find recipes and much more.

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