Gene Linked with Adult Despair After Childhood Abuse: THURSDAY.

24, 2015 – – Despite the fact that survivors of childhood physical or sexual abuse can face an increased risk for major depression as adults, not everyone can be depressed. Now, new Australian study points to DNA simply because a potential element in determining who will suffer depression later on. Scientists say they’ve spotted a gene variant that seems to raise the probability of depressive disorder in adults who experienced childhood abuse. There’s a twist, however: People who have the same gene variant who hardly ever suffered abuse actually tend to be happier than very similar people without the gene, the researchers found. Our results suggest some individuals have a genetic make-up that makes them more vunerable to negative environments, but if put in a supportive environment these same people are more likely to thrive, business lead investigator Dr.Under this new contract, Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members shall be able to receive covered services, at in-network prices, from WellStar facilities in the higher Atlanta region. Aetna members will have the ability to continue receiving protected services from WellStar physicians. Those people have access to a network that includes 80 contracted hospitals and more than 9, 500 primary care physicians and specialists.. A Medicare mistake: Spending money on Viagra The Division of Health and Human Services Workplace of the Inspector General concluded that the program paid more than $3 million in 2007 and 2008 for this drug, even though it is illegal for Medicare to cover Viagra prescriptions.