Generalized anxiety disorder is a common condition with with a chronic.

‘.. Generalized anxiety disorder is a common condition with with a chronic, excessive worry about a number of different events with increased voltage, can be formed. GAD in severity and in severity and complexity for each person, and for this reason it is very important to consider how each patient should be treated individually. Christine Carson, Programme Director for the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE, said: ‘Since NICE published guidelines on the condition in December 2004, new evidence on the management of GAD in adults arose Therefore, this particular section of the Guide. Been prioritized for updating. The new recommendations are health professionals considering a diagnosis of GAD in patients with anxiety or significant worry, and these often visited primary care chronic physical chronic physical health problem, or do not have a physical health problem, but are looking for re – security on somatic symptoms or repeatedly worrying about a number of different topics.

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