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Glaucoma is a complex, potentially blinding disease that damages the optic nerve, and POAG is the most common type. Elevated intraocular pressure is closely linked to optic nerve damage more . Effective treatments to control IOP are available to glaucoma patients receive their best possible vision. But in people with NTG optic nerve damage occurs even though their IOPs increases not what defined according to recognized standards. Diagnosing and treating NTG presents special challenges for Eye MDs and patients. – ‘The understanding of the mechanisms Higher drive BMI and other body composition factors in relation to POAG might solve some puzzles us with this complex condition is linked, Pasquale said. ‘It is reasonable to speculate that hormonally regulated factors from adipose tissue or lean tissue release may increase the risk of NTG to change in women. Higher BMI linked in postmenopausal women with higher levels of estrogen, which is positive for estrogen receptors could be in the optic nerve, ‘he explains.

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