Global drug development is also a priority the 21 Annual Euro Meeting.

The 2009 approach was very well preserved in Barcelona and will be kept in Berlin Certain refinements around the theme sessions have been identified, the search for all disciplines interacting at our event have support, said program co-chair Susanne Keitel, Director, for Quality for Quality of Medicines and Healthcare , in 2009, the program Committee has a meeting that takes truly develops the interests of all participants. .. Global drug development is also a priority the 21 Annual Euro Meeting. This year’s event will feature sessions on topics important regions of the world, including China, Latin America, Africa and North America. In addition, speakers from the EMEA, FDA and regulatory authorities in Europe Will the attended event.

This session will be co-chaired by Birka Lehmann, Director and Professor, Head of the Licensing Division 3, BfArMm and Christian Schneider, Acting Head of the Department of EU Cooperation / Microbiology and Acting Head, Section EU cooperation Biomedical Products, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. Speakers will include:.. The German Satellite session: ‘The approval and monitoring of medicines and patients, doctors and industry expectations ‘are the tasks, duties and co regulatoryagencies in Germany, has the Federal Institute for drugs and Medical devices and provides the Paul-Ehrlich – Institute, to discuss in a changing academic environment.Contemporary corporation universally considers from the wild from nature as a healthier and less dangerous. When it is natural flavors, as essential oils known relates, many manufacturers are believing, geraniol, in these oils offering protective to autoxidation, therefore makes safe and durable than synthetic fragrances.

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