His idea is indeed revolutionary that it could make flat panel solar designs extinct.

Even more fascinating were his results during the winter solstice once the sun is at its lowest stage in the sky. During this right time, the Fibonacci style collected 50 % more sunlight than smooth panel designs! ‘My results suggest that the Fibonacci pattern can improve solar panel arrays in a number of ways. It collects even more sunlight once the sun is at a low angle in the sky. This is useful during winter season and in severe latitudes,’ Aidan described.The poster award recipients get a $500 verify, a one-calendar year AMCP membership, a complimentary sign up for the AMCP Nexus 2015 this October in Orlando, and an engraved plaque.

AN EASIER WAY to Cure Pelvic Inflammation According to the statistics reported on the web, pelvic inflammation may be the most common disease that upsets thousand of women in the world. The disease pelvic inflammation refers to the inflammation happens in the reproductive program of women. The connective cells around the uterus and the pelvic peritoneum will become attacked by inflammation. And the repeated appearance drives the sufferers desperate, upset and gloomy and it is also the largest trigger of female infertility, which means a disaster for women. Among the conventional therapies at the moment is surgery.