Household Dust Harbors Thousands of Microbial Species: WEDNESDAY.

‘We reside in a microbial zoo, which study was an attempt to catalog that diversity,’ he added. ‘Geography may be the best predictor of fungi in your house,’ Fierer said. ‘Associated with that most fungi blow in from outside via soil and leaves.’ For example, a genuine home in the upper Midwest provides different fungi than one in the Southeast. By analyzing the dirt samples, the researchers could predict which homes had pets such as dogs and cats, and actually the gender ratio of the people who lived there.That they had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit their movies. ’48fest gives young filmmakers the unique opportunity of telling their personal stories about HIV and AIDS in their own tone of voice,’ Georgia Arnold, vice president of public affairs for MTV Systems International, stated, adding, ‘At MTV, we believe among the strongest methods to deliver HIV and AIDS prevention messages is certainly to empower our audiences to talk about HIV and Helps, enable them to make use of their creativity, and present them a platform to share their voice with their peers.’ The films will be available in September for broadcast across MTV International’s network of tv stations, mobile TV channels, broadband services and Internet sites.