Improving patient care and creating a more efficient system.

Health for Life is a comprehensive initiative gathering gathering input from stakeholders to address specific recommendations to reduce the cost of health care, improving patient care and creating a more efficient system , as the country approaches the 2008 presidential elections develop.

In 2005, the company has a policy require full health insurance coverage for the people of the United States a target of the ASHP 2015 initiative is to help patients through health systems to improve safe medication use. Likewise, Health for Life seeks the trend of the trend of preventable disease. Health for Life also calls for a focus on wellness, the highest quality of care to patients and the best information about health care for the public.We hope to this the start of a renewed, long-term, United States commitment to sustainable development in medical science funding. Serial bold and visionary NIH Finance is benefit everyone Americans come by new treatments and cures, and helping economic strength by creating skilled and high-paying jobs, of other products or branches, and improved technology.. Key in of these has assistance to 10000000000 USD by that legislation to National Institutes of Health .

Long term says stimulus plan Welcome nation improve the physical and financial health.

the tradeoff legislation by Congress adopts today an important step forward to enhance both the nation’s body and financial health of the federal funds for research, medical education and care of the patients will contain help to ensure to a nation of faculties of medicine and teaching hospitals. To, the economy engine at the same time this new support this new support the missions those institutions to to promote medicine & Health, educate the next generation of doctors, and care for their communities.