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AMSA ‘S Pharm Free Campaign Challenges Drug Company InfluenceAs medical students across the country celebrate the third annual National Pharm Free Day, the American Medical Student Association national leadership is a special event in support of the campaign here hosted in Washington, DC – the campaign invites Pharm Free medical schools and academic medical centers of strategies to restrict access of pharmaceutical company representatives to their locations and prohibit medical students and doctors develop from accepting gifts of any kind from these representatives.

Other situations fracture risk measure could save a lot of Broken BonesA person’s absolute fracture risk in the next 5 or 10 years can be predicted with reasonable accuracy according to their age, sex, bone density, and history of fractures and falls.In everyday life. World Voice Day 16 AprilOn 16 a Canadian Federation of speech pathologists and Audiologists are celebrates World Voice Day. Party the theme for the year 2011, We share a vote , men remember for the value and the significance of vocal health in everyday life.