In healthy humans.

In healthy humans, like other mammals, the colon is home to trillions of bacteria that help to digest food and other essential items such as make – vitamins.We have recently discovered that intestinal bacteria interact with the rest of the body in some surprising ways, as tuning fine-tuning of the immune system, and it it and store energy.

They found that brown fat in the germ-free mice appeared to be more active and burn calories faster than in regular mice.They also found that large intestinal bacteria seemed gender differences gender differences in weight. For example by male mice were heavier and thicker than their female counterparts, but there were no differences in the bacteria – free mice.

And this is the first study to examine whether intestinal bacteria affects brown fat, the researchers from Imperial College, and the Nestl? Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. They ran a series of experiments where they bred in comparison with normal mice, regular intestinal bacteria and sterile mice lack bacteria in their colon..‘Is meanwhile now start at least 50 centers oncofertility to provide more service and oncology in some instances in some cases, to assist in the fertility treatment.. About 50 percent Examines burgeoning field of OncofertilityNews Week recently been studied the ‘bourgeoning the world oncofertility ‘which specialize in assisted reproduction on women who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. The article was published online published in the journal and will the fourth Its August issue. ,, that with cancer in cancer may cause patients in view more ‘quality-of – life issues,’like focusing fertility of, and may cause which ‘two very different medical specialties ‘of oncology and assisted reproduction ‘coming together.

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