It includes tactics for dealing with cognitive problems and other lasting side effects.

Clegg sizable cross – analysis of chemotherapy survivors ‘ stories with the opinions recognize the symptoms recognize the symptoms provides confirmation that so many who are suffering from chemobrain so desperately need. It includes tactics for dealing with cognitive problems and other lasting side effects, strategies for multitasking at home and re-enter the workforce , and even health insurance do with health insurance.

Provides provides cancer survivors with the knowledge to understand what is happened to them and practical advice for dealing with the effects of chemotherapy.. Shorter OS time was in docetaxel-pretreated patients, the pain at baseline were compared with those observed. The median survival of patients with baseline pain was 44 weeks, compared with 72 weeks for patients who had no pain at baseline [ stratified hazard ratio: 0.59 than the data date for the SPARC trial. Median survival timehe median survival pain pain progression 47 weeks compared to 71 weeks for non rank p= pain progressors [ stratified hazard ratio: 0.71 (95 percent CI: 0, stratified log – rank p= 0, So were pain at baseline, and pain progression, prognostic indicators of OS in first-line docetaxel-pretreated patient population.

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