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Ron Babecoff, founder, president and CEO of BiondVax. The three-day event will be held in Life Sciences Tel Aviv takes between 15 to 17 June, and executives of leading companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Avelere Health, Covidien.. ILSI flu vaccine to be seen on AT ILSI – Biomed exhibition in Juneswine flu high on the agenda of the ILSI – Biomed exhibition in Israel is in June this year, such as local and international companies designed to show universal flu vaccines and vaccine delivery methods announces its new products. ‘It is crucial that Biomed Israel, as one of the leading life science conference, consistently offering themes that have the greatest influence on the world,’said Ruti Alon, ILSI Chairperson.

This group is a blood test, which the level of prostate-specific antigen, a protein the the measures of the prostate. Elevated PSA may be a sign of prostate cancer.

For more information on radiation therapy for prostate cancer, please visit theASTRO is the largest radiation oncology society in the world to specialize with more than 8,000 members in the treatment of patients with radiation therapies. As the leading organization in radiation oncology, biology and physics, the company is to promote the practice of radiation oncology by promoting excellence in patient care, providing opportunities for educational and professional development, promoting research and disseminating research results and representing radiation oncology devoted to a rapidly evolving socioeconomic healthcare.

The trial took place from 1988 to 2002 involved 1,492 men for prostate cancer by the surgical removal of the prostate and the cancer returned treated.Co-ordinated, manner: European Peer Review Manual support researchThe first international guidelines to peer reviews Fellowship today by which European Science Foundation . This European Peer Review Manual describe principles on protection the fairness and credibility in peer reviewed, of the agreed in of major European research funders.

‘.. All financing of organization operates their own individual context of, Programmes and policies, but they are facing the same challenge of: to assess the Value and possibilities of research proposals. The European Peer Review Manual identifying five pillars for support and sharing of best practice of the peer review: key principles, quality assurance, process certainty, governance structures and methods. Dr Cristina’By including human judgment, even the same peer review procedure able has varying results,’told Dr. Cristina Marras on by the Italian National Research Council . So the five columns of good practice in the operating instructions, can help us to minimize this inherent variability linked as far as possible beyond to harmonize promotes international peer review’.