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At week 13, there were zero clinically relevant differences among groupings in corticotropin, thyrotropin, prolactin, or aminotransferase amounts. There were transient increases in mean levels of total cholesterol during treatment. There have been no significant between-group variations in blood pressure and heartrate at week 13 . At week 13, mean endometrial thicknesses were 9.4 mm in the group receiving 5 mg of ulipristal acetate, 10.7 mm in the group receiving 10 mg of ulipristal acetate, and 5.1 mm in the group receiving leuprolide acetate .At the conclusion of enrollment, 326 sufferers were enrolled who exhibited signs and symptoms of PBA. Make sure you visit the Annals of Neurology internet site at to read the authors’ interpretation and conclusions of the Stage III STAR trial clinical data.

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