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, Lead author Avi Sadeh, professor of psychology at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel that biological factors have a significant impact on sleep during puberty, but may psychosocial issues such as school demands, social and technological distractions lead to the development of poor sleep habits. Therefore, parents and teachers to understand an important role children children sleep sleep how as they grow as they grow and mature. ‘It is very important be aware for the the importance of sleep the importance of sleep, their development of young people and their support during puberty,’said Sadeh efficacy potency . ‘School health education should be. Including children with compelling information about how lack of sleep affects the well-being, psychological functioning and school performance’.

The authors noted that Israel has a six-day week, with Friday being the only day As expected from the school. As expected, significant differences were found between sleep on Friday nights and sleep on school nights. Delayed on Friday, sleep onset, was sleep time was extended and sleep quality was poorer in comparison with school nights. These differences puberty or puberty or sex, suggesting that the trend for the weekend compensatory sleep over the period of over the period of early adolescence.

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