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Lead Author: T. Degenhardt, West German Study GroupLocation: Exhibit Halls ABtime: 07 to 09.00 clock to 09.00 clockAbstract: P2-09-06Poster Session 2 : Meta – analysis of the decision impact of the 21 – gene recurrence in Scor Scor in clinical practice – Lead Author: John Hornberger, President & CEO, Cedar Associates LLC and Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Stanford University.

Presenter: Gong Tang, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh and statisticians, the NSABP Biostatistical CenterLocation: Exhibit Hall Dtime: 15.15 to 17 clockAbstract: P3-10-01Poster Session 3 : ‘Quantitative gene expression analysis in a large cohort of estrogen – receptor-positive breast cancer: characterization the tumor profiles in younger patients ‘.Amended version saying that a good faith disclosure of information, a letter to the wrong address would not an abuse of data. Contend It would a demand in that conditions Professional by existing federal regulations to limit the amount health information exposed limiting third party. The revised version would also be health plans and partners from sale of medical records without the prevent the patient the permission, except where for it is deemed necessary to maintain the treatment or the payment. Rep. CongressDaily the revised legislation reduces builds on current federal data protection laws for deploying a no-cost digital copy of the individual’s medical notes allow, and strengthening marketing language at immediate and indirect payments from suppliers in exchange on prevent advertising health goods or services in on patients without permission.

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