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‘According to USA Today, cancer centers at Charity Hospital, Memorial Medical Center, Tulane University Hospital and the New Orleans Veterans Affairs Medical Center were all severely damaged by the storm, so that too many patients to seek care in surrounding cities and states. Charity, which treats many uninsured residents of the city, off since and then sends his chemotherapy patients in a hospital in Independence, Louisiana more than an hour more than an hour.

May is the second World Hepatitis Day, and over 200 patient groups from more than 50 countries recognizing the day the question was, Am I the number 12? – An awareness campaign to highlight the shocking statistic that one worldwide in 12 people either living with chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. While this is significantly higher than the prevalence of HIV or any cancer directed, awareness is inexplicably low and the most of those infected are unaware.. Chronic viral hepatitis B and C relates to a human in 12 worldwide and about one person dies every 30 seconds, which means that a million people die before the next World Health Assembly meeting in 2013.Amongst them key figures are for will discussed from large and medium pharmaceuticals European and of debating as This can be used in the pharmaceutical – and well to find out what have worked and what not in the past. Among other Load north Garijo, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Operations Canada and Europe, sanofi-aventis;? Otto Schwarz, Senior Vice President of Commercial, Actelion is, Marc de Garidel, Head of Operations, Mediterranean, Amgen and Alexander Moreau, Global Franchise Director will, sanofi-aventis to talk about what they have done, and to do their their enterprises from selling goods for a price real value and which to Challenges of Implementing is plan moving at this way.

Doing watch gradually in of pharmaceuticals and the way other industries have dealt facing similar challenges will be essential in to learn on it in the Pharmaceuticals. The event will bring by Jeff Foland, Junior VP Worldwide Sales, American Airlines, Joshua Rossmann, former head of Value Sales Team, Cisco Systems, and director of enterprise and twinning, Microsoft and Charles Bellaiche, Regional Director SAM find Hewlett-Packard find out how what strategies they have to combat commoditized and a lower value commercial interaction of.. Junior-level executives from all over Europe for to thrash out these issues and arrive at solutions and to analyze strategies that some of these challenges some of these challenges.

Key of the agenda of the selling price Pharmaceuticals Conference in the year 2015, will be how to another industries such as airline or IT sector has dealt with similar modifications.